Monday, December 5, 2011

An Epic Season for LSU

Quality of LSU wins nearly unprecedented

December, 4, 2011

Dec 4



By Steven Glasser

LSU’s win over No. 14 Georgia in the SEC title game was another in a series of wins in a schedule that is national championship worthy.

Consider these accomplishments:

8 wins over AP Top 25 opponents
Since the AP poll began in 1936, no national champion has that many wins against AP Top 25 opponents.

Only three national champs have seven such wins, Oklahoma in 1975, Michigan in 1997 (in a season in which it was a split champ with Nebraska), and LSU in 2007.

If the Tigers win the national title, their nine wins over AP Top 25 teams would be two more than any other champ.

7 double-digit wins over AP Top 25 opponents
The most double-digit wins by a team to win the national championship in the AP Poll era is six, by Florida in 2008.

Most Wins vs AP Top 5 Opponents
National Champions (Since 1936)

1943 Notre Dame


2008 Florida


2000 Oklahoma<<


1988 Notre Dame<<


1982 Penn St


1975 Oklahoma


1968 Ohio St<<


1967 USC


<< Team finished season undefeated
(2011 LSU has 3 such wins)


The Gators are the only one of the 86 teams to win either a BCS, AP or UPI title with that many such wins. LSU already has surpassed that, though it has not yet won the national title.

3 wins over AP Top 5 opponents
The strength of LSU’s victories (including wins over Oregon, Alabama, and Arkansas) is impressive.

Only one national champion has beaten four AP opponents that were ranked in the Top 5.

If LSU wins the national championship, it would have four wins over AP Top 5 opponents, matching Notre Dame in 1943 for the most all-time by any team that won a title

So what does all of this mean?

Though LSU has not yet won the National Championship, it has certainly played a schedule worthy of a champion.

If the Tigers win the BCS Championship, it might not be fair to call this the best team of all time, but it may be the most tested team of all-time.


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