Tuesday, December 20, 2011

FW: The Night Before The BCS

By: Ralph Bergeron...

Twas the nite
Before the BCS
And all through N'Awlins
The pits were a smoking
The crawfish boilin'

The banners were hung
In the Superdome with care
Knowing LSU & BAMA
Soon would be there

The Tigers were nestled
All safe in their beds
While visions of Shady's
Danced in their heads

And Nick with his pitchfork
And Les in his cap
Were drawing the game plan
No time for a nap

When out in the Quarter
There arose such a clatter
It startled Nick Satan
And Les the Mad Hatter

A guy yelled "Go Bama"
Another "Roll Tide"
The Tiger fans
Turned from Jekyll to Hyde

They shouted in Unison
Bama Sucks; Tiger Bait
For Bama was the team
They all loved to hate

Dusk turned to dawn
And fans stumbled home
In just a few hours
They'd all fill the dome

The game soon kicked off
It was lively and quick
Bama scored first
Which gladdened St. Nick

Les calmly bent down
And chewed on some turf
He wouldn't be outcoached
By a little red smurf

Now Jordan
Now Spencer
Now Kenny
Now O'Dell
On Reuben
On Russell
On Jarvis
Give em' hell!

To the end of the field
And into the zone
Let's go score some points
And bring the title home

The O started rolling
And soon they did score
The crowd went wild
Mike let out a roar

But the Tide seemed to beacon
The ghost of the Bear
And right before halftime
A kick sailed through the air

It soared through the uprights
Both mighty and true
Alabama had 10
To 7 for LSU

The bands took the field
And put on a show
The crowds hit the john
They all had to go

Meanwhile in the locker
Adjustments were made
The second half game plan
Was carefully laid

The second half kickoff
Went to the Tide
LSU tried to trick em
And kicked it onside

The Tide did recover
And started their drive
But the Tiger D stiffened
The crowd came alive

Between the Freak
And the kid named Mingo
They were all over the field
Like an old lady at Bingo

They went back and forth
A heavyweight battle
The fans got real nervous
But Les didn't rattle

Who would you trust
A coach who eats grass
Or one who looks distressed
As if he has gas

We should all thank St. nick
And bend on our knees
It was he who chose Culpepper
Instead of Drew Brees

The clock ticked down
Only 10 seconds to go
Bama punted the ball
Time to put on a show

He weaved through the Tide
As if they weren't there
They grasped at his jersey
And came up with air

He crossed the goal line
As the clock ticked to zero
Once again number 7
Was the LSU hero

The crowd did erupt
The journey was through
The National Champions
The Tigers of LSU

And I heard him proclaim
Over cheering and taunts
Honey Badger gets
What Honey Badger wants!




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