Monday, December 5, 2011

FW: A Prayer from a UGA fan in Atlanta

From: Mangham, Liz []
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2011 10:04 AM
To: John Broussard
Subject: FW: A Prayer from a UGA fan in Atlanta


Thought you would appreciate this from a friend of mine who went to UGA.


From: Bill Maguire []
Sent: Sunday, December 04, 2011 10:16 AM
To: Mangham, Liz; Robert Rowan; Henry Pienaar;;
Subject: A Prayer from a UGA fan in Atlanta


Oh, Lord, we thank you for a wonderful season of football and the opportunities to play great teams. Thank you for yesterday's game and allowing us to score at least some points against LSU. Thank you for not embarrassing us until the second half of the game and for allowing our players to escape the thrashing without weeping and sobbing like the woossies from Alabama.


As we head to a good bowl game, strengthen our faith in our coaches and AD to make the right decisions and plays. Fortify their courage to ensure that our coaches understand that if they screw up next year, we will shit-can them in the middle of the season. Forbid and preclude any contract extensions of coaches who are stupid, especially Mike Bobo. Teach them to listen with their hearts and use their heads to the pleas from our fans to make good half-time adjustments that lead us to victory in the coming bowl game. Touch Coach Bobo with a bolt of lightning if he cannot call good plays and smite any offender who gets a stupid penalty like that dumbass Crowell. Let all SEC teams continue to womp the hell out of their opponents in the name of the best college football conference anywhere (now that Tennessee is ineligible, this should be rather easy, Lord and we thank you)


Lord, also please remind everyone outside of LSU that the mean ole Honey Badger, Mr. Mathieu, is a senior. For this all non-LSU fans are grateful to your wisdom and generosity that he only smacked us around for a short time and will now go to the freakin' NFL with a very large, well-deserved  contract. Now that you have removed this scourge from our midst, let him not play with the New Orleans Saints and that evil 'Who-dat' crowd. Bless the Falcons with an opportunity to have him on our team so that we may rightly hold our heads up in the future.


This, in the name of good SEC football, we pray. Amen.


Now, y'all please excuse me, I need to go to church after that.

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