Friday, August 26, 2011

He said, she said...

Conflicting reports surface on Shady’s bar brawl

Employee: Victim threw first punch

By Mark Clements

Sports Writer


Published: Friday, August 26, 2011


Updated: Friday, August 26, 2011 01:08


Football: Shady's employees tell AP that victim threw first punch in bar fight

Report: Man in Shady's incident accused of threatening, stalking ex-girlfriend

Jordan Jefferson’s apartment searched by police


The Baton Rouge Police Department released an incident report Thursday regarding the Shady's Bar altercation last Friday, confirming senior quarterback Jordan Jefferson and sophomore linebacker Josh Johns' involvement.


According to the report, Andrew Lowery, 21, advised officials that several suspects he believed to be LSU football players pulled a man out of a truck and beat him.


Lowery said he intervened and managed to pull the man away from the crowd.


Lowery said he was then punched and kicked several times by the crowd, and he believed Jefferson and Johns were among the attackers.


"Lowery's face was swollen and had several bruises," the report stated. "Lowery also had blood on his shirt."


However, two Shady's Bar employees told the Associated Press their versions of the fight, which differ from the police report.


Shady's Bar general manager John Peak and door manager Jordan Neldare said they saw Lowery throw the first punch in the brawl.


"That's one thing we do know," Peak told the AP.


Both bar employees also told the AP that Lowery was asked to leave the bar at 1:30 a.m. after he appeared to be harassing a woman. Contrary to the incident report, Neldare said Lowery was already involved in the fight before the truck pulled up, minutes after Lowery left the bar.


An unnamed witness who claimed to have observed the entire altercation told BRPD she "for certain" observed Jefferson kick Lowery in the face, according to the police report.


Neldare said he saw Jefferson at one point "standing by himself and looking upset while the fight was still taking place."


The unnamed witness advised officials that approximately 10 suspects attacked the driver of the car and re-affirmed Johns' involvement as well.


She said approximately five more suspects joined the attack on Lowery. She said she believed they were all football players because she recognized some from the team and others donned official LSU football shirts.


Lowery and the female witness were the only two interviewed in the police report.


The Daily Reveille obtained a copy of a restraining order filed by Lowery's ex-girlfriend, Elizabeth Siadous.


The Advocate reported Siadous claimed Lowery had cornered her at a bar earlier on the night of the altercation, yelled at her and hit her friend.


The restraining order states Lowery must remain at least 100 yards from Siadous, and can not abuse, stalk, follow, threaten or contact her. It was filed Aug. 24 and remains in effect until a court date set for Sept. 21.


BRPD spokesman Sgt. Don Stone also dispelled rumors that surfaced Thursday saying Jefferson was being arrested.


"Jefferson has not been arrested," Stone said. "There's no warrant for an arrest."


This comes a day after police searched Jefferson's off-campus apartment, seizing 49 pairs of shoes.


This hoopla comes with the No. 4 Tigers set to take on No. 3 Oregon at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, in just more than a week.


"Through time, I think you'll find that this thing will play out effectively," Miles said. "It's really the same group of men that work hard and want to represent LSU extremely well and that are facing some issues that are not described at the start of every season. I think you'll find that these guys will handle that. It will be a piece of time that will mark them and make them stronger. I would expect that we'll have leadership here that will understand some very specific lessons that were learned."





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